Sports Camp

Can we come to camp if we’ve never played netball and/or lacrosse?

Yes of course! We often have complete beginners of all ages but we also cater for girls right up to county level. Our experienced staff can alter the schedule to suit a range of abilities and ensure that everyone is taught something new and stretched to achieve their potential.

When and where is camp?

Camps are held at Canons Sports Centre at North London Collegiate School in Stanmore/Edgware. The main school gate is not open during the school holidays so you must use the entrance near the sports centre on Dalkeith Grove. The postcode for sat nav is HA7 4SQ.

Each day runs from 10am to 4pm and camps usually start on Tuesdays and run for 4 days until the Friday.  

What should we wear?

Please wear proper, supportive trainers for camp. This will likely be the most sport your daughter has ever done in one day and it is so important to look after your feet! Please do not wear what I call fashion trainers as these can be bad for your feet, knees and general posture.  You must wear clothes appropriate for doing sport. Most girls prefer not to wear their school PE kits but simply opt for shorts and t-shirt or leggings and a jumper. It is important to be prepared for all weather. We usually have use of the sports hall if it gets wet but we always prefer to be outside whenever possible! If it is hot then please be prepared with hat, suncream and loose and light clothing.

What do we need to bring to camp?

You should bring packed lunch and a refillable water bottle.  Don't forget if you are attending Senior camp, you should bring a mouthguard and lacrosse stick (if you have one).  We can provide both if needed.

Can we choose to play just netball or lacrosse?

I am afraid not. The idea of NEW STARS camps is that you get to play both and each day will be split between the two sports evenly. If you have never played lacrosse before… we are certain that you will LOVE it by the end of day 1. It is a tough game to start with but such fun when you have picked up the basics!

How much is camp?

Camp is £40 a day or the 4 day week costs £140.

Can we book for a half day?

No. We only accept full day bookings. Of course, if you need to pick up your daughter a little early or drop her off a little late for an appointment or something similar then we can of course be accommodating but I am afraid the day rate will still apply. This is simply due to staffing ratios and costs.

Lacrosse Club

How do we know which group we should be in?

It’s best to chat to Amy about this. Chances are we probably already know you and your ability and can place you in the right group. If not, we can always invite you to a trial session to see how you get on and then decide from there.

Are there any matches? When will these take place?

Yes! We have had an amazingly successful first season winning 3 trophies!!!!! We play friendlies throughout the season as well as a number of junior tournaments… we are always looking for new competition and like to challenge ourselves both in the normal winter lacrosse season as well as the summer term. Matches usually take place on Sundays and we usually have to travel for these. The other clubs are not that local to us!!!

Do I need to buy my own lacrosse stick if I don’t already have one?

You don’t have to! At least not straight away. If you are new to the game we suggest you borrow for a few weeks first and make sure that you love the game and that you love us! Then we can help you to choose a stick and can even order it for you. We supply a number of great sticks (in fab colours – that’s the important bit right) and goggles and lacrosse balls.

Do we have to wear goggles?

Until the English Lacrosse Association makes it compulsory we will simply strongly encourage our players to wear goggles. In reality we think it won’t be long until we HAVE to wear them so it is certainly worth getting used to it.