New Stars is a sports business based in North London.  Eight years ago, we held our first ever sports camp for Junior School girls.  This camp was a huge success and since then, we have held over 60 camps throughout the year in school holidays as well as some Sunday Fun-Days during term time.

New Stars breaks into three areas:

1) Sports Camps that take place in the school holidays.

2) A Lacrosse club that takes place during term time on Tuesday evenings.

3) Specialist PE teaching and consultancy in schools.

New Stars first venture almost 10 years ago was a sports camp at North London Collegiate School. Since then we have held over 80 camps in every school holiday since the Summer 2008. 

We pride ourselves on being more like a coaching clinic than a camp.  Our camps specialise in netball and (pop) lacrosse; we will provide a fun environment for the girls to improve their skills and understanding of these exciting games. Girls can be from any school and of any ability; they just have to be keen and ready to run! We are excited to share that we have a number of success stories where girls have finally gained their place in squads at school or even moved up a team!!

Our staff are all teachers or coaches and in many cases have even played internationally in their sport!! Therefore, they have the subject knowledge to really push the girls in each sport. The girls will be expected to work hard and always try their best. We encourage the girls to ask their coaches questions, find out about their own training regimes and most excitingly ask them what it feels like to wear an England kit!!!

If you have any questions, please read the FAQs or drop me an email.

Best wishes,