This the second year in a row that my daughter has been attending New Stars Sports Camp.  Mrs Ansell and her staff are passionate and inspirational teachers who have given my daughter greater confidence to take part in team sports and to learn new netball and lacrosse skills.  New Stars is a great place to augment PE/games lessons but also to have fun.  We have already booked for the next holidays! Mum of Year 4 

My daughter loved New Stars so much. She was nervous to go alone so went with a friend. However, everyone was so lovely she has begged me to book more days and she does not care if she knows no-one. Amy is so helpful and such a nice person to deal with. I highly highly recommend it. Mum of Year 4

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend New Stars. My daughter has attended many of the camps over the years and played with the lax club. They are well run and lots of fun. Amy is fantastic and makes everyone feel very welcome whilst coaching them to a very high standard. Mum of Year 9

My daughter always looks toward to the New Stars camp. Her love of netball and lacrosse is partly due to the team at new stars who encourage and develop their skills. She would highly recommend it. Mum of Year 7

Thank you so much for this week, my daughter had a ball. In fact it's the first time I've seen her so excited and keen to do well in sport. She will definitely return in the summer. Mum of Year 4 girl

 My daughters have been going to New Stars for about 2 years now. Every time they go, they come away saying... we have had a great time and we learnt lots of new skills and tricks! They love the coaches, playing matches, they love to be active, meet new friends and they even love watching the movies at lunchtime! At the end of the four days camp, they find the award ceremony very exciting. Mum of Year 4 & 5 girls

New Stars has been the highlight of both my girls’ holidays since the first day. My oldest daughter started all those years ago in Year 3 (sadly my youngest had to wait 2 years & she'll tell you they were 2 long years)!  Ella was one of the founder campers and if I remember correctly Amy barely had enough girls for a full game of netball! How times have changed! Now girls needs to sign up early to get a place which is not surprising as it really is a special place - the coaches, the atmosphere & the training and skills learned are all exceptional; there is always a buzz when you visit & both girls have made lovely 'camp' friends over the years. So a big thank you from us all - New Stars will undoubtedly be one of those childhood memories that they will remember in years to come. Mum of Year 5 & Year 7 girls